Interior Design


Mayfair South is a full-service interior design firm.  Our goal is to help you create a beautiful home within your budget and to eliminate some of the stress associated with construction or remodeling.  Our full-service design program includes: 

  • Initial Consultation – We will meet with you to determine the scope of your project, your style, your budget and your lifestyle to assist us in creating a design concept. 

  • Site Assessment – This typically occurs during the initial consultation. We will review architectural drawings or assess and measure your existing space to explore potential options. 

  • Concept Board – Once we have examined your space and obtained an understanding of your style and tastes, we will develop a concept board. This concept board will give you an idea of the color scheme, furniture styles, flooring and cabinetry, lighting, room layout, draperies and other items that we are recommending.  After reviewing the concept board, we will meet to determine your likes/dislikes before implementing any of the design elements outlined on the concept board. 

  • Space Planning – Before selecting any finishes or placing any order, we will create a floor plan or room layout. This space plan will include the dimensions of walls, proposed and existing furniture and cabinetry.  This space plan may also include a lighting plan, depending upon the scope of your project.   

  • Specifications – Based upon our meetings and your input, we will specify cabinetry, paint and/or wallcoverings, plumbing and fixtures, flooring, ceiling heights and finishes, countertops, hardware, tile, lighting and appliances, among other things. 

  • Construction – We will work directly with your builder or contractor to ensure that the materials and finishes are ordered in a timely manner to keep your project on the construction timeline. We will also work closely with your architect to assist in the management of your project. 

  • Proposals and Ordering – Prior to ordering any materials or furnishings, we will provide you with a written proposal for your review for each item. Once you approve the proposal and pay any necessary deposits, we will place the order and manage the order throughout the shipping and receiving process. After all items are delivered to our receiving facility, we will schedule a convenient time for installation. 

  • Installation – This is the best part of any project and represents the culmination of the process. We will work with respected and proven installers and professionals in the installation of any materials and furnishings in your home.  We will oversee and participate in the installation to ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction.  We will also complete the styling of your home at this time.



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